Rock n Roll Starship – DVD


You’re in for a fun-filled, campy adventure in this science fiction comedy as Bob Dinver (Rober Hinkle), Doug Froog (Michael Allen Williams), and Jorge Jettsonn (Logan Michaels) take you on an incredible journey aboard the starship Zep’Lin.

Our heroes are sent to check out mysterious happenings at the Homeworld space station, manned entirely by robots. Much to their surprise, they learn that the evil android Zake (Christopher Tracy) has taken command of the robots and is about to attack the earth! The trio also discover that a beautiful babe, er agent, named Josi Santrax (Shannon Kennedy) has been taken prisoner by the robots.

Soon, the race is on! Can Bob, Doug, Jorge rescue Josi, stop the robots, and find their ship before the reactor explodes? Find out in this fast and funny spoof made FOR science fiction fans BY science fiction fans. Plan on having the best fun you’ve had in years when ROCK N ROLL STARSHIP zooms onto your TV.

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